Ok, I'm going to do the thing: I'm moving from d100.club back to @Petra

DIYing a single-account fedi server has been interesting, but I've honestly grown a little tired of it. I haven't upgraded this one in yonks, and it's going to start showing sooner or later.

I also have an account for the slightly less shitposty, and more NZ-centric, version of myself at @PetraOleum

See you all soon!

I want to see my friends. I'm lonely.

— Litast ùshrirerar, militia commander

@ben locate mental health
Which mental health
Less mental health

the "Escape" key never really delivered on its promise, did it?

@ben it was parsec but it always just ended up as a ratty ponytail, so I had it cut

@ben legit one of the things that terrifies me about time machines

@ben my primary school slides were more zappy than slippery, honestly

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