Well it took 69 test posts, but I think my chess bot @VoteChess is out of beta!

Centaur project 

Terminal centaur chess, where the engine gives you four options one of which is very bad

Shadowrun HK screenshot—flavour spoiler I guess? 

It's a long time away, but I wonder how long after the present crisis these stickers will be left on busses. Always easier to add decors than to remember to remove them

videogame screenshot, kind of spoiler maybe? 

Coco says: if you're going to be home, don't stay in bed, pay attention to me!

@ben do you have any idea how to get a non-trivial number of arrows from this menu?

At the end of a long and trying valentines day, which did not include a hot date (where are you all, nerd boys of mastodon?) I got to pat... Actually not my cat Coco, I don't know where she is right now, but I met the neighbour's new cat!

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