You can't spoil me on celeste, I'm too scared to play it

@petra doesn't matter, it has accessibility settings

@ben I've heard, but surely not for somebody as incapable as me

@petra if your computer can run Celeste and you have some way of interacting with your computer, you can beat the game

someone made a video of themself beating chapter 1 with voice controls

@ben neither man nor videogame can understand my screwy speech

@petra SNL Weekend Update City Correspondent

@ben I have literally never seen that show, and only know of it through the podcast conversations of comedians whose scripts have been rejected from it

@ben and who remember "when it was good" obviously, that goes without saying

@petra new york's hottest club is [incredibly deep voice]Dennis?

@petra if you watch a speedrun of it you can learn how to count to 30 wrong

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