On the downside it means that I have to download the books manually off amazon, load it into calibre and then put it on the device through USB

On the upside it means that my kindle won't get anymore updates, including one that might teach it to recognise that my calibre system is set up to remove the DRM during that process

My kindle has decided that it can't connect to the internet anymore. It can connect to wifi, but then disconnects immediately because it thinks it doesn't have access to the internet

It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal

There's a couple next to the rubbish sorting place near where the oil tankers come in, and they ain't for radio astronomy

Things google wont tell you: "legitimate reasons for comically large satellite dishes"

tpyo levels are currently at 59% but fluctuating wildly

(59%) ■■■■■□□□□□

For the first time in ages I'm reading a book in physical form, and I dunno how I'm going to do it in bed in the dark without a backlight

current mastodon review:
twitter feed: [bad]
mastodon feed: wombat BIG

Activate Windows is the new Unregistered Hypercam 2

A computer can beat even the best person at chess, but can they beat the best person at Age of Empires II? Makes you think

Listening to a DF fan podcast episode where they're interviewing the Adams brothers, and these people have *not* played Armok I and I am *salty*

On twitter they're not shitposts anymore, they're Statements

What is up, Generic White Boy Tech YouTuber #2045 here, today we're going to Preferences > Data export > Request Your Archive.

Last night housesitting and I've ordered pizza

nginx is the only web server I know how to use, and going by my most recent adventure I'm not great at that either

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