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I ate in a dining room. I do not see the bliss in this.

— Datan Oddomùshrir, expedition leader

The Apollo Guidance Computer will be of special interest to those who have studied the Apollo missions in depth, but it is also accessible to readers within the field of computer consciousness.

Heather Meafield and Earl Dayles, both alumni of the Caltech Spaceflight Laboratory and equally instrumental in the design of the AGC, introduce and examine the theories and implications of the Moonbeam anomaly. Incorporating recently declassified data, the pair draw parallels between Moonbeam and a variety of other well-studied computer consciousness incidents. These include the 1970 PDP-11 transmogrification events, the Soviet schema bomb, and the disappearance of Konrad Zuse.

The year is 1971. The Apollo 12 Lunar Module descends toward the moon surface, the first manned craft to perform the maneuver. Aboard are astronauts Gus Grissom and Alan Shepard, as well as the most sophisticated digital computer yet built: The Apollo Guidance Computer. Minutes before landing, a program alarm initiated by the AGC rings out inside the cockpit. But this alarm did not signal an error, fault, or warning. Instead, it triggered a sequence of events still shrouded in mystery today.

And now: a new book from the Suricrasia Online Online Library

From Mantax Case Studies in Computer Consciousness:
"The Apollo Guidance Computer"
By Heather Meafield and Earl Dayles

is your child a Member of Antifa? here's how to decode their secret anti-government messages:

MTF: Mail The Firearms
FTM: Fuck The Military
AMAB: All Millionaires Are Bastards
AFAB: Assassinate the Fascists, Assassinate the Bourgeois
HRT: Hurry, Read Trotsky
SRS: Socialist Revolution Strategy
NB: No Bourgeoisie
Egg: a Sleeper Agent
Deadname: an Assassination Target
Binder: a Dossier of Sabotage Targets and Political Enemies
Passing: Concealing your Radical Communism from Family

haha, I know we all like to have a laugh here at mastodon dot com, but if I may get real for a second here folks. while you're sitting there with your gay pride, there's one type of person who can't, a noble and oppressed people who always have to ask "but what about me?" only to be trodden down by their queer oppressors constantly beating them down when they try to speak up. we all know one of them, and I think it's time we acknowledge them. I'm of course talking about the brave, proud and important cis gendered white heterosexual male aged 18-35. this one goes out to you bud 😔 ✊

Foss drama 

Foss drama 

This building is a civil defense community whatsit, so you would think it would have better cell reception...

Petition to give all children fidget spinners so they are distracted from arguing about who has the highest cushion pile

me and the guys at the combination business meeting/ammonite pride event

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